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Glass Protective Tops

Preserve the beauty, quality and finish of your furniture with glass protective tops or a custom glass tabletop protector.  A glass protective top or a table top cover, is made of glass and rests on top of a table or surface you want to protect from stains and scratches. They preserve the finish and look of your expensive wood or even metal furniture.  Wooden tabletops can be damaged by moisture from glasses, and spills.  Common table utensils are often dropped on tables, which can cause scratches or nicks.  With a protective glass pad, your table is completely protected from wear and tear, and extends the life of your furniture.

Glass & Mirror Minnesota can create custom protective tops in any size, or shape and can be finished with a number of cut edges.  Glass protective pads for your tables are perfect for any busy household. They allow you to use your table for every day use such as gaming, homework, crafts, and of course, family dinners and entertaining.

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To best meet the needs of clients, our team can custom cut, shape, and bevel protective glass coverings, such as tabletops.

Glass & Mirror Minnesota is pleased to offer value-added services such as glass beveling, cutting, and shaping.  All you have to do is contact us or stop by our showroom location to learn more about available options. We provide these custom services for residents of Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs.

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