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Glass Railings

Custom Glass Railing Minneapolis

Glass railing Sourcing and Installation in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Surrounding Metro Suburbs

You are a person of distinguished taste, looking for a unique design feature that will make your home stand out. Something that melds convenience and beautiful in a functional and innovative way. A glass railing fits this bill and even more.

If you are considering installing a glass railing in your home, then you are definitely the type of person that understands it is a luxury you cannot do without. Glass guardrails perform the same way as their wood and iron counterparts. You get to secure your home’s interior and exterior spaces without worrying about blocking the view.

Apart from a need to keep yourself in one piece, glass railings add a touch of chic style to your home. They bring that wow factor that takes your house from drab to fabulous.

What is a Glass Railing?

The introduction of architectural glass revolutionized the building industry. It brought a certain pizzazz to typically dreary corporate buildings. But, people clearly were not impressed with the boring monoliths these businesses were putting up. Glass enclosures came in to save the day, softening up the look of these structures and attracting a higher caliber client.

As with any good idea, like glass railings, people wanted to bring it into their homes. They started using glass to partition internal spaces, surrounding windows and doors. It also became the go-to material when they wanted to make an architectural statement. Soon, glass stair railings, deck fencing and balcony railings, and even pool screens were the in thing among homeowners seeking contemporary design.

Designed For Safety and Style

For safety, these designed glass railings do not use just regular glass. Instead, tempered glass was developed. This is a safety glass that has been strengthened and also can be laminated for additional increased strength.

Tempered glass has a nifty feature that makes it shatter into tiny pieces when broken. So, if somehow a rock or similar dense object hits your tempered glass railing, it will break in a way that will not endanger you or your family.

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